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‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Trailer is Finally Here

The Trailer for the highly anticipated ‘Detective Pikachu’ film has finally dropped featuring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pokemon’s mascot! Check it out:

Seeing this real life Pokemon World is no doubt a dream to Pokemon fans who have been interested in the franchises universe since the Red and Blue GameBoy cartridge days!

Pikachu himself is animated so adorably it’s going to give Puss-In-Boots from Shrek 2 a run for his money. His voice however is a bit jarring to see at first. Still a far better tone than the rumored voice of Danny Devito several months back!

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Still it’s interesting to see how this will play out considering the rest of the world functions as we would assume, People and Pokemon. That is, of course, until our DeadPool-Pika meets our protagonist Tim Goodman, the only human who can understand Pikachu in full fledged English.

Detective Pikachu‘ is slated to hit theaters May 10, 2019

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