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Photographer Uses a Beer Helmet For Flash Photography

Not all heroes wear capes!

If you’ve spent any time doing DSLR photography, at any location that needs more than your on board camera flash, you know the pain of carrying additional lighting accessories.

Japanese photographer Nishihiro has found a more practical way to get that perfect shot…A BEER HELMET!

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Whether it be soft box lighting.

Is that Mickey Mouse or are you just happy to see me?

Or straight remote flash photography.

The Beer Helmet serves as a perfect and inexpensive way to get a straight, line of sight shot that while focusing on the photo.

Maybe even a small Rodes shotgun mic?

With beer helmets going for 8 bucks on Amazon, you might consider this the way to go.

There’s even a perfect place in front of the helmet to put you logo or business card!

I’ll see at the next convention with my Nerdbot beer helmet 😉

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