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Piranha Plant Enters the Smash Bro. Ultimate Arena

That’s right, everyone’s beloved…

Okay who are we kidding, this is a complete stunner and as most fans have posted, almost seemingly a slap in the face to all Nintendo IP characters fans have been begging for in the past. But it makes sense, they’re saving the best for last…

Source: Nintendo

Piranha Plant is the first of several downloadable characters to use in battle, available to players only via pre-order from now until January. He is one of 5 characters that will be available to download at launch bundled with a music track and battle stage.

The last character to be announced with great approval and relief was King K. Rool, of Donkey Kong Country. But news of Piranha Plants induction fueled rumors of a rage casting by Masahiro Sakurai, a symbolic push-back to fans who’ve issued their share of complaints to the game-creator via YouTube. We can’t say it’s that for sure, but here’s to hoping we can all avoid another R.O.B! Happy Smashings!!

Source: Nintendo

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