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Piranha Plant Enters the Smash Bro. Ultimate Arena

That’s right, everyone’s beloved…

Okay who are we kidding, this is a complete stunner and as most fans have posted, almost seemingly a slap in the face to all Nintendo IP characters fans have been begging for in the past. But it makes sense, they’re saving the best for last…

Source: Nintendo

Piranha Plant is the first of several downloadable characters to use in battle, available to players only via pre-order from now until January. He is one of 5 characters that will be available to download at launch bundled with a music track and battle stage.

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The last character to be announced with great approval and relief was King K. Rool, of Donkey Kong Country. But news of Piranha Plants induction fueled rumors of a rage casting by Masahiro Sakurai, a symbolic push-back to fans who’ve issued their share of complaints to the game-creator via YouTube. We can’t say it’s that for sure, but here’s to hoping we can all avoid another R.O.B! Happy Smashings!!

Source: Nintendo

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