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‘Born This Way’ Stars to have Beauty and The Beast Style Wedding

Cristina Sanz and Angel Callahan are married. The stars of A&E’s reality show Born This Way had a Beauty and the Beast style wedding, according to People Magazine. They have been dating for nearly five years now since Born This Way premiered. Angel and Cristina have desired to get married and live happy life together as independent as possible. The show is based on that idea.

Cristina and Angel walk down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife. 

Angel proposed at a romantic dinner at the end of Season 1 of Born This Way. Now, the couple is finally getting the big day they’ve been dreaming about having a Beauty and the Beast themed wedding. So, the wedding planners Clem and Webb used that as the inspiration.

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 “Cristina and Angel really loved Beauty and the Beast,” Clem explained. “They loved the romance, the candelabras, the dancing and the elegance that the movie and couple showcase. We wanted to take that and their story and run with it.”

Cristina said her favorite part of the day was the couple’s first dance. “Everyone clapped and cried. It was like Beauty and the Beast.

“It was the perfect dance,” Angel added.

The cast of Born This Way attended the wedding, and some even served as part of the wedding party.

“Thanks to Born This Way I met my best friends and they were my bridesmaids,” Cristina said. “I wanted to show everyone that you can have a disability and get married.”

“People stop us in the street and congratulate us. Thanks to Born This Way, I believe in myself more,” said Angel. “I can do anything I dream.”

Clem and Webb had never planned a wedding for a couple with Down Syndrome before, but the duo founded RAD Camp, which offers programs for adults and children with disabilities. Both wedding planners explained that planning Angel and Cristina’s wedding was no different than planning a wedding for any of their other clients because they are two people in love.

“We prepared in the same way we do for all our clients,” Clem said, “listening to their love story, getting to know the two of them as individuals and as a couple, and identifying what they love and cherish.”“It was just two people getting married,” Webb said, “and we loved helping them make it their own!”

After the wedding, the lovebirds went on a honeymoon to Spain, where Cristina’s family is from.“I wanted my family and friends from Spain to meet Angel,” Cristina explained. “I wanted to share with Angel the town where I spent my summers.”“I loved Spain!” Angel added. “There was a lot to see and everyone was very friendly.”

Now, the couple is enjoying married life.“It’s so romantic,” Cristina says about being married to Angel. “It’s like a dream come true.”

I also had to learn how to deal with my disability Cerebral Palsy and try going living a normal life the best way I can. I been living in supported living myself year and half after I discovered Born This Way. It’s a state funded program called Community, Work, and Independence Inc. Right now, I am trying to what they are trying do by living normal life as much as possible by pursuing my hopes and dreams. I am going to college by majoring in Graphic Arts.

After I get that degree I’m hoping to get second degree in English. My ultimate dream is to write my Autobiography in a Graphic Novel form. I can relate to most of people from the show because we want be equal like everyone else. By watching the show, it made me realize how lucky I am to be pursuing my hopes and dreams. Yes, I also hope that someday I can get married and have family of my own just like Angel and Cristina are going have.

Here’s to the happy couple’s happy ending! Cristina and Angel’s wedding episode of Born This Way will air Sept. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on A&E. Give Nerdbot your thoughts and comments and keep the conversation going.


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