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‘The Fact of Life’ might be Headed for a Reboot

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jessica Biel

You think that you know Facts of Life think again. Sony Pictures TV, with Appian Way company which, is run by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson. They are in negotiations to produce the project with Jessica Biel with her Iron Ocean Films. As of right now the potential series is current looking for a writer. The studio has declined to comment when and if rumors are true or not.

The Facts of Life Cast Now
The Facts of Life 1980’s Cast

The Facts Of Life is a spinoff of Diff’rent Strokes (1979-88.) It aired on NBC and it was one of the longest running sitcoms of the decade. Facts Of Life was about a house mother at a fictional Eastland School which was a all female boarding school in Peekskill, New York. Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae) who was promoted from house mother to school’s dietication and the four girls move into their new headquarters which was above the cafeteria. Then she decides to leave the school to open up her own business. The four teenage girls help Garrett’s business. The TV Series focused on such issues as drug use, sex, eating disorders and peer pressure.

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The original The Facts of Life was created by Dick Clair and Jenna McMahon. It was nominated for three Emmys over the course of its nine-year run, which included lead actress in comedy (Charlotte Rae’s) role as Edna Garrett. The series also started (Lisa Welchel) as Blair, (Kim Fields) as Tootie, (Mindy Cohn) as Natalie and (Nancy McKeon) as Jo the four teenage girls.

Over the last year or so it looks like everyone wants relive the past with some of the most famous TV shows like Murphy Brown with Candice Bergen, Charmed, Sister Sister, Magnum PI. Even though Roseanne was hit on ABC until Roseanne Barr’s racial tweet was leaked. Which lead to cancelation by ABC, however they want to replace it with a spinoff series, called The Conners. Addition to that Warner Brothers is plotting 1980’s ALF. They are currently looking for a writer.

Appian Way has produced a number of movies which includes Oscar-nominated The Wolf of Wall Street. As for Jessica Biel she has executive produces the USA TV hit The Sinner. In the first season it earned her an acting Emmy nomination.




What do you think should there be a reboot for The Facts Of Life? If so why or why not? Who was your favorite Facts of Life character? If you were character on the show who would you be and why? Do you think Jessica Biel and Leonardo DiCaprio will make good team to make this reboot? What is your favorite sitcom and would you want see it rebooted? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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