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Nerdbot Anime Review: AGGRETSUKO!!!!

Aggretsuko is a short anime series based off Sanrio’s newest character, to which I say, finally a Sanrio character that isn’t so cute you want to punch it in the face.

Aggretsuko is a cute little Red Panda that is cute, a hard worker, kind of a pushover, and she has a secret… DEATH METAL

Graduating from Business school, Retsuko settles into a job in accounting where she is constantly bothered by her co-workers and harassed by her boss. She is constantly being given work that isn’t hers to finish before she goes home. Her boss is a pig, Director Ton, who degrades her every chance he gets and what is worse is most of the office just ignores his behavior. Komiya who I assume is a weasel is so far up Director Tons butt it’s not even funny. So Retsuko has to deal with all of this on a day to day basis, her only release being a karaoke place where she screams death metal at the top of her lungs.

Retsuko Normal Mode

This is a super cute show and it only runs about fifteen minutes per episode. So if you want to watch it before you go into work to give yourself motivation for the day, or just need something to watch to make you feel better about yourself, this is the quick fix you will need.

Neanderthal knuckle-dragging Chauvinist pig!

Retsuko throughout the show goes through a crush that doesn’t work out. It happens. It’s fun to watch her realize things about the character and come to conclusions for herself. I just want the best for you Retsuko!

Boys on the brain
Keep Going!
1 of 140

Fortunately she is able to find a good balance by the end of the show, at least for now. She is able to make many friends along the way and be her true self around them which is a big deal for her.

From Left to Right Fenneko, Haida, Washimi, Gori

The balance between show and Retsuko going off are pretty well done. If you only watch this for the Death Metal screaming then it is well worth the watch. Retsuko sings some of the most realist stuff I have ever heard.

Shitty Boss

If you like cute slice of life anime, comedy anime or just love metal, you should really like this show.

I rate this anime series a 7/10

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