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Indie Games You Missed in 2017

As we welcome the New Year, we also welcome the upcoming platter of 2018 games coming our way. But let’s not forget the fact that 2017 was a very, very good year for gaming. We were gifted with highly anticipated remakes and sequels like Resident Evil 7 and Breath of the Wild to beautiful original games like CupHead and Horizon Zero Dawn. But before we say goodbye to these strong releases of 2017, let’s take a look at the smaller, indie games you might’ve missed before we head into 2018.

Image result for dead cellsDeadcells

Developer: Motion Twin
Dead Cells is still in early access, but it already offers a beautiful 2D action-platforming world. Developed by Motion Twin and graced with stunning graphics, Dead Cells is a vibrant side-scrolling, platform dungeon crawler akin to Castlevania and Binding of Isaac. What makes Dead Cells so much fun to play is the perfect level of addictiveness and the constant threat of permadeath. There’s freedom to explore in non-linear fashion but there are also zero checkpoints. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing.

Four Horsemen

Developer: NuclearFishin
What better time to play Four Horsemen than at the crux of socio-political tension? Although a persistent topic, Four Horsemen addresses emigration and youth in a lively, colorful visual novel style story. Boasting 9 different endings, players can choose their country of origin which affects the dialogue and character names. The interesting point of this game is how it handles conflict. Playing as young immigrants, the best outcome when coming across an aggressor is to defuse situations, a lesson that can be made in real life. What started on as a Kickstarter project had become a nominee for Indie Game of 2017, created by Kevin Chen, art by Iasmin Omar Ata and Olga Andreyeva, and is a game worth looking into if you want something with a lot of heart and meaning especially if you want to tackle 2018.

Image result for jettomero

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Developer: Ghost Time Games
Break away from the formulaic super hero stories with Jettomero: Hero of the Universe. By playing a clunky, clumsy Robot, you’ll fly through space, save humans, and accidentally destroy civilizations with your giant, indestructible robot form. But past the innocent personality of Jettomero and the ridiculously gorgeous design that allows you to play with a meaty photomode, full of filters and flexibility, you’ll discover a narrative depth to the origins of Jettomero.

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Image result for rime


Developer: Tequila Works
RiME is for those who are in need of a good puzzle adventure game that has a strong emphasis on exploration. Think Dear Ester or Myst. In RiME you play as a young boy on an island after waking from a storm. Drawn to the tower in the center, you are guided by a fox as you explore the secrets of the island. Aesthetically reminiscent of ICO and even Breath of the Wild, RiME not only feels good to play, it’s stunning to experience.

Image result for dream daddy

Dream Daddy

Developer: Game Grumps
What could have easily become a very problematic game is unexpectedly respectful and heartfelt. This dating simulator follows the story of a single father and his move into a neighborhood of other fathers, how he handles his only child moving to college while developing a social life of his own. Developed by the Game Grumps, Dream Daddy is full of charm and lots and lots of dad jokes. Like most dating simulators, they are simply visual novels, and so the focus is the art style which is crisp and clean and the story which is fun, charming, and as much as a parent simulator as it is a dating sim.

So, what indie games were your favorite from 2017? What are some games you’re excited for in 2018? Let Nerdbot know in the comments below!

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