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Enter: Nightwing

In February it was announced that there will be another branch added to the DCU family tree in the form of a solo Nightwing movie. Fans of the legendary Dick Grayson will eagerly await the picture as, apart from the rather lamentable appearances in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, Bruce Wayne’s boy wonder has become conspicuous on the big screen for his absence. In a recent interview the film’s director, Chris McKay, gave a delicate and poetic view of what to expect…

“It’s gonna be a fucking badass action movie!” Chris said about the tone of the movie, while explaining that whoever is lucky enough to get cast in the role will “Go through a fucking boot camp experience!” When asked about how he will be approaching the action McKay reassured fans worried about overblown CG, saying “It’s gonna be all real shit!” while showing a deep understanding of the delicate nuances of the character, summarizing Grayson as, “Being really fucking good… at fighting and gymnastics and shit like that!”

It’s great to see how enthusiastic he is about the project, and while it’s easy to laugh at just how ‘extra’ he is about the project it’s hard to believe that he’s wrong when he says “It’s gonna be fun!” How the hell can you not get excited when the director is bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm? I mean come on, it’s fucking Nightwing!

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