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Check out Empire’s 3 “Dune” Covers for their September Issue!

If you know anything about us, it’s that we’ve been anxiously anticipating Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming “Dune” adaptation for Warner Bros. Pictures since the day it was announced. One of our absolute favorite science fiction franchises out there, (seriously, it’s my personal equivalent of Star Wars, and I freaking love Star Wars too) this is one […]

Daily “Dune:” 1st Trailer Expected with “Inception” Re-Release

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for since Denis Villeneuve announced his vision to reimagine the Frank Herbert science fiction classic “Dune” for Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary. Every time there is an update, we feel our Fremen souls getting a little more excited. According to our friends over at Trailer Track (who, we might […]