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Reupholstery vs. Slipcovers: What to Choose?

When thinking about giving your house a completely new look, your valuable pieces of furniture are also counted in. However, it’s normal for most homeowners to be confused between reupholstery and slipcovers. For instance, you need to decide whether to invest in recliner slipcovers to cover a bit of wear and tear or opt for […]

A Guide to Choosing the Best Energy Deals

Finding the best energy plan for your new rented home is crucial to ensuring your household bills remain manageable over time. Depending on where you’ve just rented a house in Australia, you could have many or a few choices regarding energy providers and plans. Find the best energy deals when you’re thoroughly prepared on what […]

A Guide To Choosing Whether You Need Home Insurance Or Not

Do you need home insurance? Isn’t home insurance a luxury, sort of like betting on insurance if you are playing blackjack and the dealer is showing an ace? Not exactly. While there is no Australian law that says you have to have house insurance, if you didn’t come up with the $955,927 cash (the price […]

SF Home Transforms into Disney’s Iconic Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

We, being Disney and Halloween fans around here, have to share something with you. A pretty brilliant spooky season decor choice of a classic example of San Francisco architecture mashed up with the iconic Disneyland ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. Imagine you’re out for your evening stroll, and you hear the familiar voice of Captain […]