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Derrick Murray

Derrick Murray is a Los Angeles based stand up comedian, writer, and co-host for The Jack of All Nerds Show.

Delroy Lindo Officially Joins Marvel Studios “Blade” Cast

Can we stop for a second and just stew with the fact that Delroy Lindo is BRITISH? I always knew that in concept, but he uses his native accent so scarcely I forget every single time it comes up. That doesn’t have anything to do with the latest casting announcement, but I had to get […]

My Week At The Movies: A Compilation Review

For my birthday which just recently passed, I decided to take a little hiatus from just about everything work-related. That included reviews, but didn’t include going to the movies! With a week of free time and a Regal’s Unlimited Pass, I decided to catch up on a few films I missed. Rather than attempt to […]