Author: Dave Clark

Dave is the token Brit in the NerdBot crew, living in the centre of Liverpool in an eclectic household with three musicians. A writer and actor, Dave's main nerd credentials are a serious addiction to (mostly American) sci-fi movies and shows, some very selective gaming and a life-long but ultimately fruitless ambition to travel the stars.

Source: Marvel We are finally here, after five seasons of standalones, with the small screen Avengers in their terribly gritty, definitely more realistic world. The good news is that, for the most part, they keep things entertaining, finding a good balance between the more realistic world they’ve been creating on the small green, and some of the unavoidably fantastical elements of the story. One of the most charming elements of the whole show is the uneasy friendships that exist between the group, particularly Cage and Rand who come from very different backgrounds. Following Jessica Jones’ lead in dealing with important…

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