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Frank Miller Launches Own Publishing Company, New ‘Sin City’ Coming

New stories from some of Frank Miller‘s most respected works are coming from his new independent publishing company. Miller, best known for The Dark Knight Returns, Sin City and 300 comic titles has created his own publishing banner, FMP. He is teaming up with Dan DiDio, previously co-publisher of DC Comics from 2010 to 2020, who’s now serving as publisher of FMP. Silenn Thomas, the CEO of Frank Miller Ink, will serve as COO of FMP.

Frank Miller, photo by Ferran Cornellà WikiMedia Commons

Miller has a long history of working for big comic publishers such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Dark Horse. He’s going to use his new independent publishing company to launch new Sin City and Ronin titles.

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FMP aims to produce 2-4 titles a year. The books published will be a mix of Miller’s creations as well as new works.

The new “Sin City” will be called “Sin City 1958,” which will tell of the city’s past. Ronin Book Two is a continuation to the mini-series originally put out by DC Comics in 1983-84. It will see Ronin reincarnated into a dark and bleak future. Additional new titles include “Pandora” and “Ancient Enemies.”

FMP Logo

FMP hopes to start selling their comics later this year. They will be available in physicial stores as well as online. Each of Miller’s previous works will still be available from their respective publishers.

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