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GTA 4 vs GTA 5: Four Major Differences

GTA 4 

In 2008, the game”GTA 4″ appeared. The design has come really good, as the inventors have reworked the plates. But inventions averted numerous players from enjoying the design, as there were high conditions for tackle. And if earlier each new series lagged behind other systems in terms of technology, and took only the scale and the idea itself, also similar inventions had a significant impact on deals and fashionability. 


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The player is transported to San Andreas. Now the passage is available incontinently for three people. Each of them is ready for the most terrible effects. They burglarize, kill and beget chaos. 

The world in the new part turned out to be huge, so it isn’t surprising that numerous demanded canons to pass. Geographies in the area came up with the idea for hundreds of wallpapers for your desktop. The virtual world turned out to be veritably large-scale. It could be overcome by any mode of transport.

To date, GTA V is the most advanced game of the entire series, but it has a significant number of previously unrealized features. When creating GTA IV, the developers did not so much try the capabilities of the new engine, thereby evaluating its potential, but transformed this experience in the next part. But, as for minor changes, then of course they could not do without them. Many in-game elements and actions have been simplified in favor of high-quality optimization and for a number of other reasons in the form of the same convenient interaction for


“GTA V” is a project with a different development bias.

Although both games belong to the same conditional group, they were focused on different goals. “GTA 4” stands on the postulates and omissions of its predecessors. It is filled with an abundance of small details to make the process fun from the very beginning. The emphasis is on making the game deeper and more interesting for the player initially + adding new high-quality graphics to this.

However, with the era of HD gaming comes a new concept: why stock a game all at once when you can modify it endlessly online? Thus, GTA 5 was born. It is more perfect in terms of picture quality, larger and larger in every sense. Instead of digging into the depths of the game, the developers spread out in breadth. “Depth” and provide regular updates. This is convenient – ideas never end, and attention to the wishes of the players warms up the credibility of the project and ensures the influx of new users. 

What about the plot and the characters in it?

In GTA 5, the story starts out great and you love how it goes. For the time being. Then everything somehow crumples, the dialogues become stupid, the actions of the characters are stupid, the missions seem frankly secondary. And I don’t think there is an ending. So, some sketches on which the gameplay was hung, but all this is very ill-conceived. Here in GTA 4 they set the bar and clearly followed it throughout the game. Slowly and methodically we went to the final, which was difficult to predict, but which was logical. There are many more characters in the four than in GTA 5. But many of them are remembered. Few of them you consider just filling the scenery. Do you remember when you met him, what was his feature, what were his goals and what fate he had in the game. And even if you add characters from the episodes here, the situation will not change. There are not so many characters in GTA 5. But when you try to remember “what was the name of the dude I was with then” or “and it was he at all”, then nothing comes of it. So many characters just fly out of your head when you stop seeing them on the screen.

Elaborate realism is not the property of the last part

The visual of the last part of GTA 5 is made on a solid “five” – ​​beautiful, bright, juicy. However, the realism and plausibility of the physics of what is happening are significantly impoverished when compared with their predecessor. In GTA 5, the developers had to choose: either mediocre physics with an online version with subsequent updates, or stuffed with details, but an offline game. Following the trends, the first option was chosen.

It was possible, of course, to combine everything, but then only a few could afford the game, because it would literally require a PC, on which it is just right to fly into orbit. We will conclude that GTA 5 is better than GTA 4 in relation to its implementation as a game that will interest not only fans of the series, but also those who have never played such games.

After all, GTA is played for shooting and explosions, not for side missions. So what did the developers do with grenades, for example? They turned into firecrackers. They kill, but their damage radius is very small. You can stand next to a grenade, the explosion will not kill you. You have to almost step on it to die. But in GTA 4 you try to stand close to the grenade. First, it can kill. And secondly, if it doesn’t kill, then it will be thrown far away by an explosive wave. And if you are not lucky, then you will stick your head into some kind of wall and a skiff to you. What about cars? Simplified controls and allowed to roll over from the back of the car, thus simplifying the gameplay. Many fans of the GTA line who fell in love with the realism of Part 4 condemned this idea.

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