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Make Your Baby Cutest Sea Creature with an Octopus Onesie

Looking for something cute to put on your child? I just found one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen for babies. No, it’s not a regular cosplay. It’s a hooded onesie designed to make your baby look like an octopus!

Made from super soft plush and cotton, it’s a one size fits all type deal. People have images of them putting it on their toddler as a skirt as well as the original images of the baby sitting on the couch. I’m not one-hundred percent this is a onesie, and not more of a hat? But either way it’s going to look super cute.

Imagine dressing up as Ursula and carrying this little octopus around.

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The measurements for this are 120cm/ 47.24in and its made in Budapest. The name of the shop is the GrandBudapestBoutique. While this thing will cost you over $100 with shipping, it would be a great hand-me-down item that you could share with all your friends.

Check out the listing here.

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