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Northern Lights May be Visible in The United States Tonight!

Aurora Borealis, one of the most beautiful occurrences on this planet, may be visible tonight over the northern United States. Normally this would never happen, but due to solar winds being ejected from the sun, we’ll have the chance to see them!

Weather reporters cite the extreme solar winds put off by the Sun on March 28th. The Northern lights also called Aurora Borealis is caused by collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. The different colors that illuminate are the result of different types of particles colliding with each other.

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We say may be visible because as with all things the weather can be troublesome. Hopefully there isn’t much cloud cover and folks will be able to enjoy this strange occurrence. If there was ever a time to break out the telescope and camera, tonight is.

It’s reported that the best views for this will be in the northern states, but we may be able to see it in northern California as well. The chart shows that it may be possible to see them from Redding.

Of course even if you can’t see them from where you are in the states, you can always tune into’s livecam which broadcasts from Churchill, Canada.

And because I’m broken, I also have to add this Simpsons scene which will now be playing in my head the rest of the day.

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