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How to Plan the Perfect Video Game Night

Have you been thinking about planning a gaming night? A weekly video game night does more for you than allow you to escape the realities of the real world for a few hours. Game nights can also bring you and your friends or family closer together, relieve stress, and reduce depression and anxiety. 

With that information in mind, it’s time to start planning! Putting a video game night checklist together will help you stay organized and ensure everyone has an awesome time. The ultimate game night starts right here. 

Continue reading the guide below to learn how to plan a gaming night!

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Choose the Games

A video game night doesn’t automatically mean every game must be a video game. Choose several video games set up on multiple televisions or computers so groups of people can play at one time. Then, have a few board games or card games set up on nearby tables. 

These can be for people to play when waiting to hop on a video game. There might also be some people there who’d enjoy playing the board games or card games more. This gives everyone a game to play.

Select the Food

Don’t forget to supply food at the game night as well. Providing lots of great eats will keep everyone satisfied throughout the night. This is especially important if you want to keep the party going for several hours. 

You can have it catered or you can have everyone bring their own dish. Finger foods such as sandwiches are ideal. You also want to provide a variety of drinks. 

Plan the Entertainment

Although there will be lots of games to play, you want to include some other forms of entertainment as well. Put together a playlist and hook up the speakers. Some music streaming apps allow others to access it from their cell phones and add their own tracks. 

Encourage guests to bring something of their own to supplement the entertainment. This might be another game of their own, a karaoke machine, or something else!

Decorate the Room

Head out to your local party supply store or shop online for video game decorations. Decorating the room you’ll have the games in creates an amazing gaming environment. Your guests will feel as though they’re walking into the video game instead of simply playing it. 

Get creative with your decorations and don’t worry, you can always save them for the next game night as well. Over the months, you can slowly add to the collection. 

Make It Comfy

If your guests are going to be playing games throughout the day or night, then it’s important to ensure they’re comfortable. To make things cozy, provide lots of seating options. A reclining gaming chair or two, a sofa, some bean bag chairs, and pillows laid out on the floor make a cozy spot to hang out and play some games. 

The more comfortable the spot is, the more willing people will be to stay and game longer. 

Let’s Plan an Awesome Video Game Night

Together, we can plan an awesome video game night that everyone will be talking about! Use the video game party checklist given above to help you get the process started. Remember to plan in advance to reduce stress and have fun!

For more gaming topics, continue to check back here frequently. 

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