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Unlicensed Scarlet Witch Figure is Disappointed in You

When you’re going to spend a lot of money on a figure, you want it to be something you’ll WANT to look at. A good sculpt can make or break a figure and determine if you want to have it on display. You’ll usually want something as screen accurate as possible, or at least accurate to the iteration of the character you enjoy most. I’m not dissing knock offs, but you do get what you pay for sometimes. For example, check out this “Lady Spooktacular,” aka an unlicensed Scarlet Witch figure.

She looks disappointed, mostly in herself. It reminds me of when I look in the mirror on bad days. It’s the look of ‘this is as good as it gets,’ or ‘I guess I tried.’ You can see where the maker attempted to make it look like Elizabeth Olsen. The eyes, hair, and skin tone are all close-ish to her “WandaVision” self. The figure on the whole isn’t bad by any stretch, it’s just that face. It’s the same face that I have while looking at this figure.

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Ekia Hobbies has this listed at $172.76, down from $179.99 (you save $7.23!). What gets me is that despite the site selling knockoffs, they do look very nice in the pictures? I’m guessing Ekia was unable (or didn’t want to) purchase Olsen’s official likeness. So, they had to play it safe.

But still, that face. Every time I’d look at it I’d just have to say ‘I’m sorry’ because I’d always feel like I was disappointing her. I do love the name they gave to her, though. Lady Spooktacular just sounds cool.

You can check out the listing for the figure here. And of course, head to Sideshow Collectables to get top of the line licensed figures. Their new Scarlet Witch is pretty amazing.

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