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What Should You Do to Fill the Time while Waiting for the Next Big Superhero Movie?

Everyone is absolutely loving the new superhero movies that have been coming out of late. The DCEU seems to be coming into its stride following the release of Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, while the MCU is only expanding more and more as the multiverse is playing a bigger and bigger role in what is happening. Because of some of these major developments, it is no surprise that fans all over the world are waiting in anticipation of some of the new releases that are due to come out. The gaps in between these movies is longer than anybody would like, and as such, it can be hard knowing what you are supposed to fill the time with. If this is you, then look no further as this article is going to go into detail about some of the best ways that you are able to fill the time while waiting for the next big superhero movie. 

Re-watch the Important Ones 

With the MCU, the movies that are coming out are usually running on and drawing inspiration from a large number of different films that have come before it. For instance, if you consider the new Doctor Strange movie that is coming out, there are loads of different movies that tie into this one, including the X-Men films, the What If series, and WandaVision. As such, if you are thinking of a good way that you can fill your time as you wait for this new release, then checking out some of these older films is certainly one of the best ways to go. 

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Try Gaming 

If you want something that still leans into the excitement that you get with superhero movies, then you might want to consider the likes of gaming. There are loads of different games that revolve around superheroes, but the buck doesn’t stop there. There are absolutely loads of different genres of games available that you can take advantage of. One of the more popular types of games that gained a lot of traction throughout lockdown is that of gambling games. There are a large variety of different gambling games out there, such as those that are available on Casino Online. Check out some of the new gaming titles in 2022 and see what you think sounds most exciting. 

Read the Comics 

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If you want to really dive deep into the backgrounds of different characters before you go and see the next superhero movie, then you might want to start reading the comics. When you read the comics, you are going to be able to see the influence behind different moments on the silver screen; however, you are also going to be surprised by just how many characters and plotlines get left out. 


The time between superhero movies getting released truly is agonizing. As such, you may well want to know how you can effectively fill the time waiting for a new movie to come out. If you are interested in this, then you might want to consider the above.

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