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“Elden Ring” Mod Replaces Boss with Thomas the Tank Engine

I don’t know how to explain exactly how creepy I find “Thomas the Tank Engine.” It’s something about the sentience of machines mixed with the disdain for Thomas’ big eyes. Forever staring, forever judging. It could also be that I read Chuck Tingle‘s “Vampire Night Bus Pounds My Butt” in which…well the title is pretty self explanatory. Anyway, enough about all that. Someone made a mod for “Elden Ring” that brings nightmares to life.

Created by the people behind Garden Of Eyes, they replace the Flying Dragon Agheel with a creepy Thomas. I suppose those that had to deal with Thomas the Tank Engine with their children may be immune to such horrific sights. But for people like me, it becomes ingrained in my thoughts, and all I can do is wish to unsee it. Oh, what a terrible day to have eyes.

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OH GOOD, the music is equally disturbing. They’ve even added his music to the clip.

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