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Why Organizing Virtual Events Is A Smart Choice For Your Business?

2020 was the year that inaugurated a new way of making events: the pandemic crisis has challenged the traditional model of the events and exhibition sector, leading companies, thanks to the technology available, to adopt alternative formulas to stay connected with its customers and the public.

Virtual events have been the answer to this need that has arisen in the last year and has brought benefits to big companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and professionals.

What impact have virtual events had on companies?

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The transformation of the events industry towards the virtual model seems to be a road of no return. This metamorphosis, initially necessary, has highlighted the advantages of virtual events in economic terms.

Virtual events: the main advantages

What are the most common advantages of organizing a virtual event?

  • The reduction of organizational costs compared to those traditionally necessary for a physical event.
  • Shorter planning times are required.
  • The increase in the number of reachable users.
  • The reduction of the environmental impact.
  • The major opportunities for contact and the immediacy in tracking their users.

Like physical events, but less expensive.

We have said that one of the strengths of virtual events is the savings in terms of organizational costs. The costs related to the realization of a physical event concern various factors: the rental of the event venue, catering, and the necessary human resources.

Expenses are certainly not comparable to those required for a digital event within a 3D virtual events platform. Another economic benefit of virtual events is the ability to scale and thus grow rapidly.

In short, why organize a virtual event?

Less time for planning

Knowing how to promote a virtual event is the basis for creating engagement, and thanks to virtual events, companies can finally increase the number of events during the year. If on average, the realization of a traditional event takes about eight weeks, for the virtual ones, it can take half.

Collaborating with partners has never been easier.

Optimizing one’s time is the keystone that has made virtual events successful. It is easier for a company to get a couple of hours from their guest than a full day that could take during a physical event. It is no longer just a matter of budget: virtual events allow you to have multiple hosts, multiple speakers, and speakers for a certain time and cost, thus excluding the budget that a company should use during a physical event.

Visitors from all over the world

One of the most obvious advantages of a virtual event is the possibility of hosting a large audience. A virtual event can be used by a potentially unlimited number of visitors from all over the world: you can participate in the event with a few clicks, simply having a computer and an internet connection available.

The widespread tendency to work remotely also facilitates the active participation of the public in multiple virtual events. Digital is the new way of relating, of interacting in real-time without geographical limits.

Training, presentation of new products, networking: creating multiple virtual events during the year is the best marketing strategy for a company to attract new customers and expand its audience towards the dimension of the global market.

An opportunity to increase your buyers

The realization of multiple virtual events during the year is not only important in terms of branding or increasing its audience but can turn out to be, thanks to a good marketing strategy, an opportunity to help potential customers in the purchase process. Those involved in marketing strategies know very well that potential buyers are interested in the product residually because what matters is the trust that a company can transmit. Conviction triggers a strong bond, and it is based on it that a simple user turns into a buyer.

Eco-sustainable choice

Why can organizing and participating in a virtual event be considered a real eco-sustainable choice?

The part attending an online event does not require travel by plane, does not require catering or the use of non-recyclable materials for constructing a stand, or the printing of brochures, leaflets, and various documents. All this contributes to a significant reduction in the environmental impact of that event.

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