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Is Daft Punk Coming Back?!

We don’t want to sound the French robot alarm without more information, but. Suddenly this morning, the official accounts for Daft Punk have come back to life. If you’ll recall, a year ago TODAY the iconic duo announced retirement. The news came in the shape of a farewell video.

Things have, understandably, been quiet on their socials since then.

But as we said, this morning all of a sudden the official profile photos, cover photos and more have been changed.

Also…there’s now an official Twitter account?

Current fan theories include the pair getting into NFTs, maybe a reunion, and/or the most likely thing- a collected box set of their released music.

We’ll let you know what we hear about this.

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It appears to have been an announcement for a 25th anniversary re-release of “Homework.”

Listen to it here.

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