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What Is The Meaning Of Minecraft?

The word minecraft is a combination of two verbs that are to mine and to craft. The most satisfying cycle of mining resources as well as the creation from those resources which gathers in or draws in millions of players around the world.  And this is the most basic level of Minecraft. Markus Persson was the person who made this fortune setting the rights to his games Minecraft towards Microsoft. He sold 15 million copies of Minecraft to the gaming consoles. Markus Persson sold it out to Microsoft in a $2.5 billion cash deal in September 2014. The basic point about Minecraft is to survive and to craft along with the exploration of randomly generated worlds the players form and get into while they take on different challenges such as navigating Minecrafts and the Nether and finally to defeat the Ender Dragon. 

What is the purpose of Optifine?

Optifine is basically a modification that many individuals consider very important for Minecraft. It helps in so many ways such as allowing the installation of Shader Packs which heavily helps in changing the appearance of Minecraft through the addition of lighting as well as shadow and reflection effects. It also aims at offering a large number of new video settings which enables to make Minecraft run in a faster manner along with on lower end systems. It also helps in providing the options for the disabling of clouds, along with having a lower render distance as compared to what is provided in the Vanilla game. In addition to that it controls the features such as Dynamic or the smooth lighting. 

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How can one install optifine?

It does not matter what method one is using to install Optifine, he needs to download it first. So one needs to head towards the Optifine Downloads page. It is possible that the first thing that would be displayed is Optifine for the latest or newest version of Minecraft. After that an individual is required to press the button ‘show all versions’ in order to find out the correct download. 

What are the steps involved in the process of installation?

It is important to keep a check or stay vigilant during the installation process. One needs to select the version and after that he should press the Download button and then one would have to wait for a few seconds by means of advertisements. After that the person has to press the skip button that is in the top right corner of the screen. Once it is done the download link will appear to become available on the screen that will eventually download a JAR file to his computer. The individual needs to make sure that it is saved to a location which he can access. In a case where the file type does not seem or look right then he should make a surety or there would be a need to ensure that he has the latest version of Java installed in the computer. 

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