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What Are the Best Offline Mobile Games for You? A Closer Look

More than two billion people worldwide play video games. And while online multiplayer games, like Fortnite or Call of Duty, get all the credit, they aren’t the only games worth playing.

There are countless instances when internet access is unavailable and having some offline mobile games would be beneficial. For example, on most flights, wifi is unavailable unless you pay extra. Having the best offline mobile games downloaded to your phone would help you pass the time.

You might even be at home when your internet service provider goes down, and you have hours, if not days, without online connectivity. Offline mobile games and phone apps will keep you occupied until your connection is restored.

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So what are the best games to download for offline use? Here are just a few great options.


Dungeon Cards

One of the best apps on iOS and Android is Dungeon Cards. It’s simple, yet addicting. Your character lives in a small dungeon cell filled with items like a treasure chest. But there are also traps to watch out for.

With a weapon in hand, you can attack enemies, dealing damage by walking into them. Each time you kill an enemy, you receive gold and gems, which can be used to upgrade your weapons and character. 

The game is free on Android and paid on iOS. You can pay for upgrades, or just play a lot to earn those same upgrades. 


Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop is a simple, aesthetically pleasing game designed to offer subtle challenges, yet is still quite relaxing.

On the screen, you’ll see a collection of different puzzle pieces, such as straight, curved, or diagonal lines. You need to tap each one to rotate them until they are all connected, closing the overall loop.

It’s a mind-strengthening puzzle that gets harder over time. But it’s also soothing and can help you drown out all the noise and chaos of the world around you. 



If you’re lucky enough to live in Europe, Egypt, South Africa, or Malaysia, you can download one app on your phone and get access to more than a thousand different games that you can play offline.

GameMine works as a subscription-based app. One monthly fee gives you full access to the suite of games within its collection. And the best part? You can enjoy all of the games ad-free, with no in-app purchases necessary. 

Classic video games abound in every category, including puzzle games, action, strategy, and more. Click here for more information. 



What was once a board game back in the day has become a popular video game. It’s easy to play and involves strategy to build a kingdom by connecting roads, rivers, and cities to build a stronger civilization than your opponents. 

Enjoy the Best Offline Mobile Games

Who says you need the internet to be entertained these days? The best offline mobile games can rival the gameplay of some of the most popular online games.

So when your connection is non-existent, whether you are traveling to the far reaches of the world, or are stuck in a concrete building with a poor cell phone signal, these games will come to your rescue.

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