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Mysterious Antarctica Cave Resurfaces on Google Earth

A mysterious cave was recently unearthed again in satellite images of Antarctica. There are lots of theories going around about how the cave appeared, then disappeared, and then reappeared again. Some think government conspiracies, others aliens, but it’s honestly probably just snow cover and weather changes.

The cave is located on King George Island, which is one of the southern isles of Antarctica. In the images shared online it shows visible steps. Which is weird by itself. Known conspiracy theorist Blake Cousins says that there’s a reason for them, and it’s probably a government coverup. The steps do appear odd being so far inland.

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“There seems to be a staircase entry into the cave.

It’s big enough for spacecraft and flying saucers or even assets in our military to fly into this massive opening.

“Is this a base? Something man-made? There’s no indication this is a sinkhole.”

Blake Cousins

The cave was first located in 2007 when just a few months later had seemingly disappeared. Then again in 2019 it was talked about having appeared again. And now in 2022, it’s come up in images again.

If there is an expedition there, I’d be interested to see if it WAS man-made. Maybe thousands of years ago Antarctica was more inhabitable. It probably at the very least has animals preserved that we’ve never seen before. But until we can actually see inside, it’s up to our imaginations.

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