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Is It Possible To Beat The House When You Play At Offshore Online Casinos & Sportsbooks?

When you play in a tournament, you are competing against other players. By learning some simple tournament playing and betting strategies, you can gain the edge over your opponents.


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Getting the edge is not as difficult as you think. In fact, I’m about to show you five ways that you can turn the tables on the casino and gain the edge over them.

At the minimum, you must be playing the basic playing strategy and play only blackjack games that have good rules. If you do this, you will reduce the house edge to 0.5% or less (depending upon the mix of rules and number of decks). Even though using the basic strategy is a great start, your return is still below 100% (it’s 99.5% when the house edge is 0.5%). To gain the edge, you have to get your return over 100%. Here are five ways to do this.

Learn a Card Counting System

The Ace/10 Front Count, Speed Count, Ace/Five Count, and the Rookie Knock-Out System are among the several counting methods.

Using these technologies at a casino is a breeze since they are so basic and straightforward. In addition, you may increase your return to slightly more than 100% by studying and performing them correctly. Keep in mind, though, that your advantage is quite slight and you will not win every game. Your bankroll will also fluctuate in the near term, so you must have enough on hand to avoid becoming bankrupt in the case of a negative swing.

Use Match Play Coupons

Using the coupons gives you an advantage over the casino, and it’s a lot of fun. Let me show you. A $5 Matchplay voucher is an example. You take the $5 chip and the $5 Matchplay ticket to the blackjack table and place a $5 bet (put both of them inside the betting spot). You now have a stake of $10 in the hand’s result. To compensate for your hand’s victory, the casino will award you two $5 chips, one of which will equal the $5 Matchplay ticket you used. $10 is your takeaway. It costs you just $5 to lose a hand if you stack a $5 chip and the casino takes the Matchplay coupon. Or to put it another way, you bet $5 in order to win $10. 

A Matchplay coupon is worth slightly less than half of its face value because you don’t win 50% of your hands at blackjack.

If you’re looking for a coupon that pays you 2 to 1 on blackjack or one where your first card is a valued Ace, there are various sorts of coupons you may use.

Play in Blackjack Tournaments

Competing against other players is part of the fun of taking part in a blackjack tournament. You may acquire an advantage over your competitors by being familiar with a few basic tournament playing and betting methods.

There are many aspects of tournament strategy that I won’t get into here; suffice it to say that you must learn when to raise bets based on your chip count and your betting position. In the same way, you must understand when to vary from fundamental strategy in order to keep or catch a lead, especially on the last hand of a round.

Put more simply, according to offshore betting page it is less probable that a casino poker game with a large house edge would provide a satisfactory ROI than a game with a low house edge.


At land-based and online casinos, you may play video poker. The dealer is the only other participant in this game, which is played on a computer screen instead of a real one like in the majority of the others. A wide variety of video poker games may be found, each with its own house advantage. This is because of things like progressive jackpots and multi-hand options in a game. In certain video poker varieties, you can even beat the house edge if you play correctly.

In Video Poker, the House Edge When Using a Perfect Strategy

A pair of jacks or higher is required to win at Jacks or Better, while any other hand results in a push. You may expect a return of roughly 99.46% if you follow a simple plan.

It is possible to get a 0.71 percent advantage over the house if you play Deuces Wild perfectly.

Playing Joker Poker is another way to beat the house advantage in poker. Players may expect to have a 0.64 percent advantage over the casino if they use a flawless strategy. This game pays out only if you get a pair of kings or better.

When playing Double Bonus Poker flawlessly, players may expect a return of 100.17 percent. Another variation in which a qualifying hand requires jacks or better is this one.

Useful Tips When Playing Online Poker

Like with all games, it makes sense to put some work before sitting down to play to maximize your chances, so here are our tips for online Poker:

You should study the machines that give out the most money.

Look for video poker games that display how much a successful hand may earn you, like many slot players do, rather than jumping right into the first one that appears. A few people will have more than others. Video Poker, like any other kind of gambling, relies heavily on game selection.

Aim High or Else You’re DONE!

Always wager the maximum amount, because you’ll be able to play for a jackpot, you’ll get the biggest prizes this way.

As the saying goes, “Practice Makes Perfect.”

You can play video poker for free on a plethora of applications and websites. In order to have a better handle on the game before you put any money down, it’s a good idea to use a video poker trainer first.

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