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5 Standout Features of Bluetooth Speakers

The last few decades have been game-changing for audio technology. In this period, music lovers witnessed the integration of Bluetooth technology into some of our favorite accessories, speakers included. The years saw high-end speakers mixed with budget friendly picks saturate the market, taking our listening experience to the next level.

What is it about Bluetooth speakers that stand out? It’s not actually one particular thing, but many things make this product an attractive buy for many. Here are five that are bound to catch your attention.

What Makes a Portable Bluetooth Speaker an Excellent Buy?

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When picking out a Bluetooth speaker, make sure you’re able to tick off the following:

1. Sound Quality

Bluetooth or not, speakers are bought for their sound quality more than anything else, so this one is non-negotiable. Of course, some models perform better than others in this department, so it’s up to you to choose what passes your standard and suits your budget. In most cases, the better sounding the speaker, the more expensive it is.

Then again, expensive Bluetooth speakers tend to come with a package that makes them worth it. Not only could a high-end speaker by a recognized brand meet your sound standards, but it may also tick off durability, design, and portability.

The price tends to tell all where Bluetooth speakers are concerned, so it’s a good idea to plan a purchase ahead of time to ensure it’s a good one. 

2. Lightweight

The thing about music is that it’s something we want to share with others wherever we are. A good set of portable speakers certainly help accomplish that. Make sure your choice Bluetooth units are portable and lightweight.

Their weight and size have to align, making them easy to carry. The lightweight quality is a staple quality in most popular brand offerings. 

3. Battery

Great-value Bluetooth speakers tend to possess enduring battery life, and rightfully so. Imagine batteries going dead in the middle of a run, trek, or bike ride. A surefire way to ruin a mood is to lose your music.

Ideally, your choice Bluetooth units should be able to operate for a relatively long time when unplugged into the wall. In some speakers, battery endurance tends to be associated with size; the larger the battery, the longer it lasts.

Keep in mind that large batteries are also heavier, so weigh your needs carefully in this situation. Then again, many of us know that power and endurance can also come in small packages.

4. TWS or True Wireless Stereo

The true wireless stereo effect is something people have come to expect from their Bluetooth speakers. This special feature allows your unit to be handier and more versatile. It’s what will enable you to shift seamlessly from listening to music to making a conference call and back again.

5. Durability

Don’t expect low-quality Bluetooth speakers to continue working after they’ve been dropped. Then again, low-end speakers aren’t what you should be buying in the first place.

As much as possible, aim for premier speakers even if they are more expensive. You usually get what you pay for, which tends to include good durability.

Note that speaker durability doesn’t often encompass protection from liquids and particulate matter. So, yes, it’s still essential to take good care of your product.

Why Purchase a Bluetooth Speaker?

Aside from the above reasons, a particular device’s sound quality might convince you to get a Bluetooth speaker. Some smartphones and tablets usually provide no more than subpar audio. That might be enough for holding a clear voice conversation, but that won’t be anywhere good enough for listening to music.

A high-quality Bluetooth speaker lets you stream music, podcasts, and movies. It’s portability makes it great for casual listening. You can bring it to a backyard barbecue party, a casual work event, or use it to listen to music while cooking or cleaning at home.

Bluetooth speakers also make great gifts, as many popular brands deliver on affordable, good-quality models. Consider budget-friendly options, but don’t hesitate to go high-end if the budget allows. More often than not, you get what you pay for when it comes to speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radios

While not a standout feature, an FM radio option should prove a great addition to a Bluetooth speaker. There are times when we want to be able to plug into our favorite stations at a moment’s notice.

Acquiring a model with this feature usually entails dual speakers with the TWS quality and a TF for storing your favorite recordings.

Bluetooth Speakers Are for Everyone!

With music being a universal language that unites everyone, everybody should have their own high-quality Bluetooth speakers. You think you aren’t a music lover until you listen to the kind of sounds these products produce.

Don’t let your phone’s subpar sound delivery limit your audio standards. Instead, let a set of premier Bluetooth speakers show you how life-changing sound can be when it’s amazing.

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