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How To Make A Travelling Blog?

Traveling and seeing the world is a dream for everyone. Many travellers around us are traveling and also sharing their experiences with us. As per Statista, Travel & Tourism contributes around 4.67 trillion USD in the global economy.

If you are a traveller and want to share a travel experience with others, starting a travel blog can help you achieve that goal.

Other than sharing your experiences with others, creating a travel blog can help you earn extra money for your next trip.

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In this article, we will show you the steps for starting a travel blog.

The 5 Important Things You Need To Have Before Creating A Travel Blog

Besides having wonderful pictures of the places you have visited and exciting stories about that place, you need to have 5 things to create your travel blog.

  1. Web Hosting: You can attract people worldwide to your blog through WordPress hosting.
  2. Domain Name: Your blog’s permanent URL is known as a domain name, and you need to have a domain name to start your travel blog.
  3. WordPress Software:  You should use the self-hosted version of WordPress rather than the free version, which can be found at
  4. WordPress Theme: You can customize and control your travel blogs through the WordPress theme control system.
  5. WordPress Plugins: With WordPress plugins, you can add new features to your site without having technical knowledge. You can use the plugins to upload maps of your travelled places, travel galleries, and other content.

Step By Step Process of Creating A Travel Blog

1 – Select a Niche

There are many categories from which you can select your desired niche for your travel blog. You can choose from backpacking, luxury travel, traveling with kids and pets, or selecting a specific area or country where you can focus.

Your options of developing a high-traffic blog will enhance if you keep focusing on particular topics.

You should select a niche close to your heart, and you are very comfortable with that, as you are going for a long haul.

2 – Choose a Domain Name

It would be best to choose such a domain name that is simple and not difficult to remember.

If you’re just getting started, registering a domain with your company name may not be an option. So, the next best thing would be to pick a name that you can turn into a brand later on. The domain name should be brief, simple to remember, and a little eccentric.

Find something with keyword names but mostly might be taken up already, but you should make sure you find the right one.

If you want your blog to have a personal feel, you might even use your actual name as the site’s name. You may even use a shortened version of your name as your brand’s domain name.

You can try utilizing a blog name generator to get some suggestions if you’re out of ideas.

3 – Buy WordPress Hosting Plan and Install WordPress

Web Hosting is very crucial because it guarantees that your site will load faster and be constantly available to visitors. There are many platforms that will help you start when looking for a solid WordPress hosting provider.

The Hosting Providers will offer features like:

  • It is within budget.
  • It will provide you with a setup wizard that will help you to install WordPress easily. 
  • It makes it easier for you to purchase your domain name.
  • 24/7 support is available.
  • To get started, you can select the most affordable package.

The WordPress hosting provider will set up your desired domain name and install WordPress when you join up.

Therefore, you will have a running travel blog.

4 – Choose The Theme Of Your Travel Blog.

The design of your blog mainly depends on the theme you’ve chosen for it. Fortunately, you will discover many free and wide ranges of themes available on the internet, and most of them are specially made for travel blogs.

If you choose a pre-existing travel blog theme, you’ll have everything you need to start blogging right away. You can search for: The best travel blog themes, Premium travel themes etc.

In the travel blog theme, you will find a travel template, Pre-existing featured slider styles, Modern image galleries that come up with lightbox, Pinterest, and Twitter slider widgets—starting your travel blog is as simple as it sounds with all of these pre-installed tools.

If you want to install your selected themes, go to your WordPress dashboard and pick: Appearance → Themes → Add New.

Install plugging that is helpful for your travel blogs.

With the help of WordPress plugins, you can easily add new features to your travel blog without knowing anything about programming. Plugins are what makes WordPress so awesome, and Plugins are an integral part of any WordPress site.

All websites, especially travel blogs, should include these essential plugins:

  • Plugins for search engine optimization
  • Plugins for caching
  • Plugins for adding social media share buttons
  • Plugins for security

Other than these plugins, there are a few plugins such as NextGen gallery that will assist you in sharing your travel pictures in the form of a gallery. Plugins that will help you to incorporate with Instagram and Facebook.

Nivo Slider is a slider plugin that will help you display your photos in full width. If you want to plot places and routes, then the map plugin will help you when you start our travel blog.

The map plugin will help your reader stay engaged when you travel from one place to another. You can also add the World Map option, and the Travel Payouts plugin will add travel booking ability to your blog, which will help you earn commissions when your reader books flights and hostels from your blog.

5 – Design And Add Content

When you are done with the foundation, you are ready to add content to your blog. To add content to your blogs, you have to go to: Posts → Add New to your WordPress Dashboard.

You can also add images from the Add Media button and also write with the help of a text editor, and you can format your content.

How To Make Your Travel Blog A Source Of Income?

As soon as your blog gets attention, here are a few methods in which you may generate money:

With affiliate marketing, practically everything can be affiliated from travel gear to accommodation to web hosting and many more. You will be paid with a modest commission when someone clicks your affiliate links and ends up purchasing an affiliate product.

Using Google AdSense, you may display travel-related adverts on your blog. You get money when people click on the adverts shown to them.

You may be asked to visit a location on behalf of a tourism authority, a private company, or a brand. There you can charge for a visit to a place on behalf of that company.  


Traveling is the only way to discover your inner self, and once you gain a large number of followers, you can travel for free, and by sharing your blogs, you can earn money. All of this will come automatically if you remain patient and start your travel blog today. Happy traveling.

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