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TruSculpt ID: How Long To See Results

The medical cosmetic industry has achieved major gains over the last decade or so. You will find body contouring, body sculpting procedures carried out throughout the western world. Not just the celebs, even others are asking for these treatments now. This trend is expected to keep growing over the next few years as well. The latest is truSculpt, which many feel is a breakthrough for weight loss and body shaping.

What Is TruSculpt ID?

This is a non-invasive, non-surgical contouring treatment that can effectively slim down several areas of your body. From the thighs to your skin, it can treat each problem area without causing any side effects. TruSculp by byoulaserclinic also helps in skin tightening. But what’s great about this treatment is that, it works even for those who have tried working out and dieting, but have still not been able to lose weight.

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How does it work? A device that was created by Cutera will be used to pass monopolar radiofrequency. This energy will then target the fat cells in your body, heating them up, and eventually destroying them. These cells will then be removed naturally from your body. This is a completely safe weight loss process because the radiofrequency will only target your fat cells. No tissue or skin on your body will be affected.


There is no pain or scarring. It feels comfortable too like a massage. You don’t have to be hospitalized for truSculpt – it has very little downtime. You will have a thinner and better-toned body. It works for every, body type and shape. The result is going to be long-lasting as well.

truSculpt is a very nice alternative to surgery and liposuction for those who have tried everything but are still not able to lose their excess body weight.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From truSculpt?

It has often been reported that truSculpt can provide a noticeable difference in only 48 hours or a couple of days. However, follow-up contouring sessions will be required. Most patients who have tried truSculpt say that you will get the best results after a couple of sessions, perhaps three, depending on your body condition. The therapists also agree.

Each truSculpt ID session may take from 15 minutes to an hour. The sessions are scheduled between six and eight weeks, so it may take anything between three and four months for you to achieve the best condition. However, it is best to approach a professional to get yourself analyzed so you know how long it may take for you. The professional can also guide you about the many available non-surgical treatments.

How to Maintain Results?

TruSculpt ID non-surgical technology can help you lose weight. But remember, it is equally important that you do everything you can to maintain the weight you have lost and also your new body shape.

There are many things that can be done to make sure that the sculpting treatment provides a long-lasting result. For instance, you can join a health club to do workouts regularly. Make sure that you work out for 4-5 days a week at least. Each session should be for a minimum of an hour. Also, make sure that you warm-up and cool down. If you cannot join a gym, then try Zumba at home. That is also very good exercise.

Also, change the way you eat food. A carbohydrate and fat-restricted diet will ensure that you don’t consume too many calories. Lead a healthy life to maintain the results truSculpt technology has provided.

Benefits of truSculpt

truSculpt offers many benefits. Body contouring, fat reduction, skin tightening will make you look better, which will improve your self-image and confidence. More importantly, you will feel healthier. It is often pointed out that this procedure can reduce up to 24% of the fat in your treatment area, so it is likely that you will lose several inches.

  • Body Contouring – This is a very effective body contouring treatment that will correct the shape of the body. It will tighten your skin, giving you a younger and youthful look. The best part – it is a non-invasive treatment. You will find surgical body contouring treatments as well, which are best avoided.
  • Fat Reduction – With truSculpt ID, you can achieve rapid weight loss. The most persistent fat layer can go away quickly and that too without any surgery. You will never again regain the fat if you can maintain it.

There is no downtime, which is another great advantage. The treatment will be carried out in a day clinic, so there is no hospitalization. The session will take a maximum of 60 minutes. You will be able to return to your schedule on the same day. You will find this extremely valuable if you are on a busy schedule. This is one major reason why many patients now prefer this weight loss cure.

What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatment

It will start with an initial consultation where a professional will assess whether truSculpt will work for you. The therapist will analyze your health, body condition, and discuss what you want to achieve. Make sure to share all medical information, including present and past health issues, and the drugs you are currently taking. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments are safe. But it is still best to share everything you know.

Just before this body contouring treatment, you will be asked to remove all jewelry and make-up. The treatment area will be shaved. You should also drink adequate water.

Relax and let the skilled technician carry out the weight loss procedure. A device will be passed over your skin. The radiofrequency will pass heat, but this should cause no discomfort.

After the procedure, make sure to stay away from direct heat exposure for up to 3 days. Don’t overeat or exercise for a few days. Also, don’t apply perfumes or lotions for a day.

truSculpt contouring treatments have become very popular. It is a new procedure but it is already rated very highly. It is completely safe and has zero to a very little downtime. Done correctly, it should help you lose weight and look trimmer.

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