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Yes Virginia, There is a Pickle-Flavored Cotton Candy

Pickles. A cucumber that’s been soaking in brine until it sours and produces a unique experience. There are some tastes that can go well with many different flavors; pickles are not really considered one of them. Some people despise them, insisting they be removed from burgers, sandwiches, etc.. Then, there are some who will happily just eat them whole. There tends to be very little middle ground on this subject. Perhaps one thing we can all come together on though is the abomination that is pickle-flavored cotton candy.

Over at My Gourmet Cotton Candy, there are delicious sounding flavors of cotton candy ranging from blue raspberry to cupcake, to pineapple & mango…and pickle. According to the site, this flavor is their number one best seller. Assuming this metric is true, one would have to believe it’s out of sheer novelty; how on Earth would pickle taste better than blue raspberry when it comes to cotton candy? Whatever the factor may be, it does exist and it’s selling well enough to where clearly the company hasn’t delisted it.

For those brave 21+ connoisseurs

Having not tried it myself, I can’t say how it tastes, but Amazon reviewers have chimed in to let the world know. Unfortunately, some of the reviews are immediately tainted by packaging problems that left their cotton candy as more of a green lump than anything else. This shouldn’t be very surprising given that the the delicate, nature of cotton candy is just that- delicate. If the conditions are not kept just right, the airy, light confection can turn into a sugary dwarf star.

If we look past those reviews however, we can find an interesting mix of assessments.

It smells like pickles but definitely does not taste like it. My teenagers, who will eat just about anything, refused to eat this after initially tasting it. It’s an insult to pickle-lovers.

Literary Lady – Amazon Review

This is a little surprising given how closely linked smell and taste are; if something smells like pickles, it’s probably going to taste like pickles. Then again, this is cotton candy we’re talking about here, so the texture and tremendous amount of sugar is probably not going to taste like pickles to the extent that some people may hope for. Let’s see a more positive review here:

Bought this as a gift for my sweet friend that’s expecting her first baby. She loved it and let me try some. It tasted just like a pickle then it leaves you with that sweet taste of cotton candy. Will definitely buy for my son (who loved pickles) and friends who are expecting with pickle cravings.

Dinah Sue – Amazon Review
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Hmm, well okay, this wasn’t quite the positive review I was hoping to share. There is a stereotypical description of pregnancy cravings being for pickles and ice cream, but the pregnant demographic is probably not the most economically sustainable one in terms of getting your product an incredibly wide appeal. Compare that to pickles and ice cream which are enjoyed separately by millions and you’re kind of diving into a niche market here. Let’s try again:

Sweet dill pickle flavor. Literally. I despised it but my pickle loving family members loved it. Came sealed and fresh/fluffy. I am happy (my family is happy) with my purchase.

Lauren P. – Amazon Review

Well there you go, there’s a glowing review… mostly. It should probably be noted that the title of Lauren’s review was, “Acquired Taste,” which is probably the most accurate thing you could say about this product. Or you can just be like Larry here:

Taste bad.

Larry M. – Amazon Review

So yeah, pickle-flavored cotton candy does exist. Despite looking through the website, I couldn’t determine when they created the pickle flavor. Part of me blames “Rick & Morty for this, as ever since Pickle Rick became a thing, pickles have gained more popularity than they have in quite some time. Which is also not a sentence I ever expected I would type.


The same company also sells flavors including bacon, yule log, spicy jalapeno, and beer. Eat at your own risk and see what happens. Maybe some of these flavors are better than expected and may become your new preferred snack. Or maybe when it comes to a particular food craving you’ll just be like us and enjoy the non-cotton candy variety.

Pick up your own here cursed cotton candy here.

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