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Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne Announces NFT Cryptobatz Project

One of the worlds greatest leaders in Rock & Roll has entered the crypto game. Ozzy Osbourne is putting the final touches on every single bat included in a collection of 9,666 bats, and has dictated how he wants them to work. These NFTs are unique in the way they work because not only can you collect them as-is, they can also bite each other to make mutant bats!

There are a couple of steps to Ozzy‘s Cryptobatz. First the Whitelist opens to the public. Then the public mint event takes place. After that the biting utility will be available for all NFT holders to create mutant bats which will share the DNA of both tokens. And finally the information regarding where to find the Ancientbatz which will allow them to be discoverable. The fifth and final step is that they are creating a type of metaverse functionality for all Cryptobatz NFT holders.

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I have to say that the designs of these bats are quite cute and visually appealing. It helps that they used the Fibonacci sequence (aka The Golden Ratio). These bats are the kinds of things you might see on a Geocities site. It’s not often that I actually want an NFT but for these…I’ll make an exception.

Sutter Systems is a new NFT studio who have partnered with Ozzy Osbourne to deliver Cryptobatz. “We’re a team of entrepreneurs, creatives and developers who have been working for months to craft something truly special with Cryptobatz. The common thread? We love NFTs,” the site says.

Pre-orders opened via Discord. These NFTs will officially be on sale to the public in early February via the CryptoBatz website.

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