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Lay’s Potato Chips ALSO Made a Flavored Vodka

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder than Arby’s fries flavored vodka in 2021, here comes Lay’s potato chips. The scariest part? It sold out in MINUTES. Apparently we all need to get into the novelty distilling business.

The Frito-Lay snack brand partnered with Eastside Distilling out of Portland, Oregon on the concoction. This potato vodka isn’t a run-of-the-mill spirit, either. Apparently, the potatoes used to create this vodka was a speciality variety, developed by the company back in 2018. This particular potato is also the subject of some debate, as a group of farmers in India have revoked PepsiCo’s patent for the varietal, growing it without permission.

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But here’s hoping both Lay’s and Arby’s do additional releases of their adult beverages at a later time.

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