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Choose a Ring That Suits Your Personality the Best

Rings are generally associated with engagement, and hence the excitement of finding the right one for you adds to the flurry. Gone are the days when gold was synonymous with yellow metal. It now comes in various colour options like white and rose gold, apart from the traditional yellow. 

Pure gold is yellow, delicate, and soft in manufacturing. Hence, you will never find an engagement ring in pure yellow gold. It has to be mixed with other durable metals to reinforce it, or else it cannot be worn on a regular, daily basis. 

Gold ring women adore are available in 22-carat gold, but the most common and popular ones are in 18-carat, with 75% gold, 14-carat, 58% gold, and 10-carat, with around 42% gold. Other metals are added to gold to create beautiful rings in yellow, white, and rose gold to add to their overall strength and durability. 

White gold looks more versatile, yellow gold exhibits a natural softness, while rose gold imparts a romantic hue to the jewelry piece. Which one stands best for you depends upon personal preferences, of course, and a host of other factors too. So, if you are confused regarding which should be your choice of ring for your special day, here is a short description of each of the above varieties, viz; yellow, white, or rose gold, for you to glance through and then take your pick. 

Yellow Gold

  • A yellow gold ring has its inherent beauty and is classic and fashionable. 
  • It usually combines pure gold with a bit of silver and copper to add to its durability. 
  • A yellow gold ring exhibits warmth and brightness and is one of the most preferred engagement rings. 
  • It gets its warm patina from the redness of the copper metal, while the greenish hue is inherited from the silver in it. 
  • It generally comes in 22-carat, 18-carat, and 14-carat variations. 
  • It imparts a modern yet vintage look to any piece of the ring/jewellery created out of it. 

White Gold

  • White gold rings are extremely elegant and striking. 
  • They are created by mixing pure gold with palladium and silver. 
  • It even consists of nickel that adds durability and strength to it. 
  • Their shine, whiteness, and longevity can be improved with rhodium plating in white gold rings. This costs four times more than platinum but saves the ring from scratches and tarnishes. 
  • Stronger than yellow gold, it is less susceptible to denting and scratching. 
  • However, one needs to maintain it more religiously by getting it polished and cleaned to maintain its lustre and colour. 
  • Since white gold rings contain nickel components, they might cause allergies to sensitive skin. The best alternative is to request the jeweller give you a nickel-free alloy. 
  • It has a sophisticated appearance and stands as the right choice between a yellow gold ring woman and a platinum one as it is more durable than the former but less expensive than the latter. 
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Rose Gold

  • This variety of gold rings is becoming increasingly popular owing to their pink gold or red gold hue. 
  • Rose gold was popular in Russia in the 19th century and hence, is also referred to as Russian gold. 
  • They are made out of pure gold, combined with the metal copper. The more the copper component, the more reddish will be the final look of the product. 
  • It imparts a romantic and unique look to a ring, thereby giving vintage classic vibes to it. 
  • The copper component makes this rose gold strong and durable, but it can cause allergies to some people. 

What to Look For in an Engagement Ring? Which One Is Good for You- Yellow, White, or Rose Gold? 

When choosing your engagement ring or any kind of jewelry like chains, pendant sets, punjabi kadas etc whether yellow, white or rose gold, you need to consider the following parameters as well. 

  • Your personal preference and affinity to a particular metal type would be the deciding factor of what you would want your engagement ring to be made of. 
  • A person with an active lifestyle would prefer something durable and sturdy, and hence rose gold or white gold would be a better option for them than yellow gold. 
  • A woman’s fashion sense would highly influence her choice of engagement ring. A trendy fashionista would prefer a white gold ring, white some with a more classy and vintage look would go in for the yellow or rose metal. 
  • The type of stone that you choose for your ring would also play an important role in determining the metal colour you choose for it. Like, a diamond would compliment all three colours of gold, but a more brightly coloured stone would look nicer on a yellow or rose base, whereas a sapphire would shine out bright in a white gold ring. 

Final Take

Gold in all its three hues looks stunning. However, the choice you make would primarily depend upon your thought process and likeability. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and as you are the one who would be wearing your engagement ring regularly, and also admiring it every day, relating it to the love of your life, whatever you choose would undoubtedly be the best choice for you.

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