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Watch: Giant Fox Drawn in Snow on Lake in Finland

An architect named Pasi Widgren drew a 90-meter-long fox on frozen Lake Pitkajarvi just north of Helsinki. The fox is meant to fade, because Widgreen did not want to leave any permanent alterations to nature. He drew the fox to encourage people to explore nature, and to make them happy.

He has drawn animals on this lake every winter since 2016. This took him 4 hours, as he was only armed with a single snow shovel. It’s an incredible design and one that emphasizes the beauty of nature. When it was completed, he hiked to the top of the cliffs to take pictures and videos to save the memory of the fox.

While he made this he wore safety measures around his neck. Ice awls to make sure that if he did fall in he could get out. He had thoroughly tested the thickness of the ice beforehand, but just in case he was ready. In previous years he’s created images of owls and bears.

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We’re looking forward to seeing what he creates next year! You can follow Widgren on Twitter for more updates.

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