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Driver Tries to Commit Insurance Fraud, Caught by DashCam

One stupid driver decided to try to commit insurance fraud on the freeway. What they didn’t count on was the other car having a dashcam to record it. The driver of the plant car sat on the side of the road, waiting for the perfect victim.

The beat up car had cardboard on the back window and it appears that they had hit a light pole from the dent in it. In order to claim insurance to fix it they would have had to been rear ended which they tried to make happen on a busy freeway. It’s not only dangerous but incredibly mean because they could have caused a major accident resulting in deaths.

Luckily the driver with the dashcam stopped in time. But when they didn’t get hit like they wanted they attempted to back into the stopped car. It was then that the passenger got out and notified them that it was all on camera. After that they sped away.

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Also just to note, the date on the video was 2017 but it was only recently uploaded to YouTube.

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