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How to Film a Beautiful Video

Whether you are a professional cinematographer or a hobbyist, taking video footage is a skill that requires lots of development. It is much more than just pressing your record button and then filming away. Many experts will often discuss the techniques they use to capture a stunning video file on their cameras.

Thankfully, most video filming methods are easy to learn and pick up. Occasionally, some specialized techniques will need a bit of education, as the learning curve on capturing beautiful footage can be steep. Once you have established knowledge, you will know how to film footage similar to the best videographer’s demo reel. 

Follow these seven tips on how to film a beautiful video:

1. Planning In Advance

Even though it can seem convenient to film whimsically, you should have a plan before shooting starts. Always try to plan out your video captures in advance to take adequate footage. Write down your thoughts on a document, and include all the pertinent details.

This outline will include angles to shoot from, settings for your video capture, and a sequence of shots. Once you compile these details together, you will be better equipped to take a comprehensive video. There are many online resources, such as free templates, that you can use.

2. Video Camera Rentals 

Before you go ahead and purchase a video camera that you like, it is best to first test out a couple of devices. A video camera rental can be an excellent option. These rental services provide you with various cameras and accessories for all your filmmaking needs. Experiment with a couple, and you will inevitably find what works best for you!

3. Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors when capturing video footage. You simply cannot have a good video file to use if you cannot see what has been captured. Similar to photography, you have a few options to use to compliment your video footage with proper lighting.

For example, lighting apparatuses can be purchased to brighten your chosen subject matter. Or it is generally advised to use as much natural lighting as you can for an optimal visual effect. After you get acquainted with your lighting direction, experiment with how you will light up your subject in the most flattering way.

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3. Video Editing 

Raw footage captured from your chosen video camera will be the start of the process. Your next step has to do with the editing. To truly make your videos stand out, you’ll have to make sure they are edited appropriately. To do this, you will need to get a few things done.

A good video editing program, for starters, will be the way to go. These programs are very advanced, and offer a suite of valuable options to use for your specific footage. Keep your editing as simple as possible, and try not to go overboard with advanced techniques. That way, the result will be beautiful.

4. Audio 

Unless you are trying to make a silent film of some sort, audio will be just as important to prioritize as the video. Beautiful video footage can be upgraded accordingly, if it is accompanied by crisp audio levels. As a result, you’ll have to kill two birds with one stone and ensure the right audio is recorded.

While recording your video footage, you are advised to attach a microphone to the camera. This device will record the audio in a favourable format for all of your needs. Moreover, keep the editing on the audio portion simple as well. Adjust the volume level to render a comprehensive export as you see fit.

5. Shaky Footage 

Taking beautiful videos means that you have to take a look at how the footage comes across. For instance, if your professional video aspirations are constantly ruined by shaky footage, the result will be insufficient. You don’t have to worry about holding your camera as still as possible with your hands.

Simply get your hands on a tripod, which can assist you in more ways than one. These devices keep your camera as still as possible, so that you can record your video footage without worry. Some tripods also have wheels attached to the legs; you can move the camera in different directions with no instability!

6. Using Angles 

Your video footage should always be comprised of different angles. To avoid monotonous shots, try to shoot from different areas when shooting a scene or segment. This approach will allow your video export to be as unique as possible once the render is complete. Get low on the ground or high above your subject, and experiment with these neat angles as you see fit.

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