Top 4 Hot Wallets for Your Cryptocurrency

To keep your invested sum or if you are beginning with your cryptocurrency investments, you will require a protected place to store your money. In the crypto business, there is a concept of crypto wallets that are designed specifically for the storage of your crypto coins. For storing your digitized cryptocurrency, you need these wallets that have some codes while you either want to exchange your cryptocurrency or just simply want to access it. We have mainly two sorts of digital wallets. A Hot wallet and a cold wallet. Firstly, if we talk about the latter wallet, they are hardware wallets that you can use for the security and storing of your cryptocurrency. While we talk about hot wallets, these wallets come with some additional features that are not available in the other wallet. While not every wallet that you are using for your crypto storage would be furnished with all the features, it might be a task for an investor to look for the one that comes with the best features and has more encryption strategies.

Below I am going to provide you all with a list of hot wallets that are the best for storing your cryptocurrency. the wallets that I will be listed below, you can make a comparison out of that to choose the one that suits you the best, or you can even visit

Edge Wallet

The first wallet that I will be discussing is the edge wallet. This wallet is available to be used on your smart devices making it easier for you to trade and also store your coins. It has got the best encryption techniques that it has used for its users so that only the specific user gets access to it for his assets. This application is freely available on any mobile phone. It charges you only if you make a transfer, not in case of receiving cash.

Trust Wallet

It is a wallet that is not centrally controlled. It has approximately 1,60k assets along with blockchain. The traders are offered incentives if they stake their cryptocurrency. At its initial stages, the wallet was formed only to look after the ERC tokens, but after certain modifications in it, it has now started to include some other prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This wallet is available for both Android and iPhone users for free.


This wallet is specifically designed for sending, receiving and transferring ETH and ERC-20 tokens. It was designed back in 2016 for the assistance of crypto traders. The speciality of this wallet is that any Ethereum user can access it without having ETH’s downloaded blockchain.


The last one is Mycelium. It has been in the crypto industry since cryptos started. This is one of the most acknowledged wallets for the BTC cryptocurrency. it is specifically designed for mobile appliances which are supported in both iOS and android. The wallet is more famous because it has quick connectivity and it can easily connect to the other hardware wallets without many requirements. You can review many accounts at a time and also check the exchange history. Hence this is found to be a somewhat convenient hot wallet in the crypto industry.


As the topic itself states, it talks about the hot wallets that an investor can look up to. As storing your coins becomes the most secured thing henceforth, the article will give you a list of hot wallets that you can use as per your permutation and combination can opt for the safekeeping of your cryptocurrency.  

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