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TikTok Spoke About New Business Solutions At The TikTok Summit & Awards Business Forum

On October 19, the leading platform for viewing and creating short videos, TikTok, hosted the TikTok Summit & Awards, its first official business forum in Eastern Europe. During the forum, platform experts spoke about the latest innovative solutions for TikTok For Business.

TikTok has changed the way we create and consume content today, giving creators new ways to share their stories and creativity, and brands to engage audiences and communicate their messages to consumers through creative and original content.

The creative atmosphere of the TikTok community, combined with technological innovation, allows the platform to create effective tools to promote businesses of all sizes. At the TikTok Summit & Awards forum, TikTok For Business representatives spoke about the tools that are already available, as well as those that will be launched in the near future. We present you with an overview of the main solutions that were presented at the business forum.

Tools to strengthen engagement between brands and creators on TikTok

TikTok brings together a community of creators whose main values  are creativity and freedom of expression, which make the platform attractive to a billion users. Brands come to the platform to create their own content and build a dialogue with their audience. Therefore, one of the priorities of TikTok is to create high-quality interaction between brands and creators.

  • TikTok Creator Marketplace is a platform that helps brands find suitable content authors for collaboration, and helps authors find reliable partners in the face of brands. The tool includes a large number of filters, such as audience size, subject matter and others, which will help you select creators for the brand’s tasks.
  • Customized Instant Page is a lightweight landing page that instantly appears when the user clicks on a CTA (call to action) or when switching from a promotional video and loads 11 times faster than regular mobile pages. The user does not have to waste time waiting: he can immediately get detailed information about the product and view more content without leaving the application.

New tools for interacting with content

TikTok works to ensure that the dialogue between the brand and the user is not one-sided, and so that the audience can influence and interact with the advertising content that is shown to them.

  • Pop-Out Showcase is the ability to overlay clickable pop-up elements on the video that stimulate interest and additional interaction of the audience with the advertising content. Pop-up elements can appear at specific times of the video, make advertisements brighter and lead the user to an embedded or external brand page.
  • Super Like 2.0 and Gesture Ads solutions enable a brand to empower users when interacting with ads. So, Super Like prolongs the user’s interaction with the brand, opening up additional external resources with content for him. And through the interactive Gesture Ads, the audience can receive gifts and pleasant surprises: for example, discounts, the ability to create a TikTok video together with a brand, learn more about a product, or purchase it right away.
  • The Story Selection tool is in the final stages of development, thanks to which the user can become a part of the brand’s storytelling: open more videos and dive deeper into the content (using the Video Gallery function) or independently choose which of the two plot twists of the narrative the story will take (Video Selection) …

All of these solutions are just a subset of the tools that allow advertisers to create more engaging TikTok videos and get Tiktok views.

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New tools to measure campaign performance

The task of TikTok For Business is not only to help companies integrate into the platform and find their audience, but also to provide an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of campaigns.During the business forum, we talked about tools that help brands measure the success of campaigns and track performance.

  • Reach & Frequency is a new transparent type of advertising procurement with the ability to plan the result in advance and choose how much of the audience needs to be reached and with what frequency.
  • TikTok Brand Lift Study – an assessment of the effectiveness and impact of the advertising campaign on the perception of the brand by users. and Measurements are carried out on the basis of the methodology of such expert companies as Kantar and Nielsen, which allows our partners to be confident in the data they receive.
  • In addition, TikTok spoke about partners – MOAT and DoubleVerify. Cooperation with them will provide platform advertisers with the best solutions in the field of measuring the visibility of advertisements (viewability) and invalid traffic (invalid traffic).
  • A new patented solution, Brand Safety Inventory Filter, was also announced at the forum. It’s built on machine technology training that classifies content. The classification is available in the form of additional filters that allow advertisers to select the type of content next to which they are willing to display their posts.

TikTok Shopping Solutions

TikTok helps audiences discover new products while our community is already a powerful marketing resource. Our content creators create shopping recommendation reviews, talk about finding brands they like on TikTok – and companies, in turn, come to the platform to build a dialogue with their audience.

That is why we are currently developing TikTok Shopping – a set of solutions, functions and advertising tools that give both large brands and medium and small businesses the opportunity to interact with their audience. At the forum, TikTok experts shared new solutions in this area, including: Collection Ads, Dynamic Showcase Ads, and Lead Generation.

  • Collection Ads – allows brands to include customized cards for each product in their recommendation feed videos with a link to a fast-loading product gallery, or to an advertiser’s website where a user can view a catalog and make a purchase.
  • Dynamic Showcase Ads is a solution that allows you to use a product catalog for personalized product promotion. Generate product video creatives using data from your catalog.
  • Lead generation is a customer base and conversion tool that allows brands to connect directly with users interested in their product.

People come to TikTok for positive emotions, creative and entertaining videos. That is why the platform is committed to creating new solutions that would organically complement the user experience, so that TikTok remains a place where creative storytelling leads the audience to enjoyable discoveries.

The launch of the announced TikTok For Business tools will allow brands to unleash the full potential of the platform, get even closer to the TikTok community and create content that is as native and relevant to the audience as possible. Look for the decision on how to boost your Tiktok fans – browse around this site.

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