Best Nerdy Christmas Jumpers for the 2021 Holiday Season

It’s the start of November, and that means Christmastime is right around the corner. Like everyone else, we nerds need to show our Christmas spirit the way we know best, through our love of all things nerd culture!

So check out these latest Christmas jumpers (sweaters) which can be found at Christmas Jumper Club, and find something for every type of nerd in your life!

Grogu Christmas Jumper

Has there been any cuter development in the nerd world in the last decade than little Grogu? Better known as Baby Yoda, Grogu is just chilling in a stocking, and you are sure to have the most adorable jumper at the ugly sweater contest!

Eternals” Christmas Jumper

Eternals” is one of the most unique Marvel Studios movies of the last few years, and this Eternals Christmas jumper brings the sleek class and beautiful simplicity from the big screen and onto a comfy sweatshirt. 

Variant Christmas Jumper

In the Multiverse, there are infinite variants of everyone, including the beloved antihero, Loki. We have already seen our usual Loki as well as Slyvie, Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and of course fan favorite Alligator Loki, and now we get Loki’s Christmas variant with this lovely gold and green jumper. 

Sam Wilson as Captain America Christmas Jumper

Sam Wilson took the reins from Steve Rogers, so show your support for the new Cap with this red, white, and blue Christmas jumper. Whether you’re proud to be an American or just a fan of Captain America, all this sweater is missing is a vibranium shield. 

Star of Bucky Christmas Jumper

Don’t you sometimes just wish you had a super-strong, cybernetic arm?

Well, this sweater doesn’t quite give you Bucky Barnes arm or combat skills, but it does let you show your love of winter and the Winter Soldier at the same time. 

Merry Squidmas Christmas Jumper

Does anything say Christmas Spirit quite like a game revolving around murdering innocent strangers for the chance to win vast sums of money? No? We agree, and let everyone else at the Christmas party know how you feel about the most popular Netflix show of all time, “Squid Game,” with this trendy Christmas jumper. 

Walk Into Mordor Christmas Jumper

One does not simply walk into Mordor… but one does simply show their love for the fellowship and Middle Earth in general with this beautiful Christmas jumper. Complete with ring, Evenstar, and Elvish script, this jumper is the dream for every Lord of the Rings lover. 

Laughing Leo Woolen Christmas Jumper

Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” and Christmas – two things that go together about as commonly as peanut butter and onions. Even if it is not the most natural fit, the Leonardo DiCaprio laughing meme is one of the most iconic of all time, and this jumper is sure to get some laughs itself at your family Christmas gathering. 

Back To The Future Christmas Sweater

Well we sadly can’t send you back to the future quite yet (check back next year!), we can help you show your love for one of the best sci-fi comedies of all time. Everyone loves “Back to the Future,” and the iconic DeLorean all over the jumper is the cherry on top. 

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of these jumpers, we just thought you’d like to know about them!

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