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Explaining Live Casino In Simple Words

The combination of the convenience of using multiple online formats and the possibility of playing with live casino dealers, which seem to many players more reliable and familiar, is the main reason for the popularity of this direction. I would like to express special thanks to the experts at

How are Live Casino different from classic online?

Live casino games involve an online streaming setup in which real dealers interact with players based in remote locations to create the feel of an authentic, regular casino. Table games such as baccarat, blackjack and poker are streamed to your computer or TV screen from the comfort of your own home. These live dealer game offerings are based precisely on the technical capabilities of streaming applications and internet connectivity to meet the required standards. 

Live dealers provide players with an authentic sense of human interaction, unlike classic versions of online games that use software to generate random numbers. Card shuffling, distribution, and control of the game is up to the dealer who controls the online games in live games. During live games, players can interact with other players occupying the rest of the table, unlike in a regular online casino where interaction is not possible.

Live casino games

The top games are baccarat, blackjack and poker in their various variations. And some providers provide their customers with special entertainment programs that are exclusively included in the list of their «portfolio of offers».

Live casino games are conducted by a live dealer in front of all participants, there is no connection with the skillfully chosen luck, in the form of a random number generator program. This makes her treat players with great confidence, allowing the possibility of «control» RNG-algorithms.

Advantages of live casino

The RNG program has nothing to do with it

RNG or Random Number Generator is exactly what allows casinos to give out random and non-programmable values in gambling games. Such games are specifically aimed at giving out random values, so you can not doubt the integrity of the work.

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Live gambling experience

What distinguishes live games is the possibility of experiencing the feeling that the player is playing in a real casino. It is as if he is sitting face to face with the dealer. In addition, the player also feels the presence of the other participants in the process, as it is mostly possible to correspond with them in such casinos.

Games with live dealers include certain game effects. The lights, the music in the games, and even the way the live casino dealers look. The dealers are seated at a real gaming table so that players get the feeling of being in a real casino.

Broad Communication Perspectives

Most people still think that online gambling isolates an individual, but this is no longer true. If a casino is playing with a live dealer, you can actually talk to them. If you have any questions, you can simply ask them and the dealer will answer them. This makes the game much more exciting and comfortable. For this reason, the live casino game is a huge advantage.

Appreciate the modern developments

All casino gaming rooms are equipped with the latest developments, allowing customers to enjoy quality gaming. High-resolution video cameras are used. Live casinos mostly have cameras with three viewing angles.


Live casinos with real croupiers are an interesting solution for fans of offline entertainment, deprived of the opportunity to regularly be in a real casino.

If you are bored without the atmosphere of a real gambling hall or can’t stand random number generators, you should register on the website of one of the gambling projects, where the entertainment of this kind is presented. Many of them know how to please customers, providing a service of the highest category with large premium bonuses, high-quality software, personal service and other amenities.

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