Decorative Gourd Book Sums up Autumn for Those Who F-ing Love it

There is a new book out by humor writer Colin Nissan called “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**ers.” It’s a book that looks to be stock images of people celebrating Fall with amazing captions like, well like this one…

Now what I think happened is someone went through all the fair use images of Fall and captioned them accordingly. Kind of like when I go to CVS and make fun of the images on the wall of the ladies drinking by the wine. But this one takes seasonal delight and makes it a million times funnier. I’m thinking this would be the perfect coffee table book for when you host Thanksgiving this year.

A passionate and profane love letter to fall, the best f**ing season of the year. 

Do you get excited at the first brisk breeze of the year? Are you overcome with delight when you see piles of red leaves? Do you lose your f**ing mind at a pumpkin patch?

At last, the epically funny internet sensation It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**ers is now a visual tour-de-force, teeming with a cornucopia of perfectly paired photos and seasonal enchantments to make it really fucking sing. Whiffy candles, wicker baskets, motherf**ing gourd after gourd, and people going insane because they love fall so much? Check!

Also included: the equally lifechanging meditation It’s Rotting Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**ers, because all good things must end.

Give it to everyone you love, or put it on your f**ing coffee table next to a pile of shellacked vegetables to really tie the room together.

Perfect for anyone who f**ing loves fall, and fans of McSweeney’s, Go the F** to Sleep, Deep Thoughts, the Onion, and the New Yorker.

You can check it out on

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