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Check out This Limited Edition “Animal Crossing” Inspired Polly Pocket!

If you are looking for a gift for someone who just loves “Animal Crossing,” then we’ve found the perfect thing. myPotatoGames has come up with a really cool clamshell toy that reminds us of our youth when Polly Pocket reigned supreme. This clamshell comes equipped with everything you would want to play with too.

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The Tiny Village captures all the adorability of some of the most iconic and nostalgic toys and games, and puts them in a little world all for you. This adorable little toy that opens and closes comes with four dolls and fits right in the palm of your hand.

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myPotatoGames has all kinds of other things as well, like a Zen garden you can get either in a bundle or by itself. But for the sake of this article we’re going to focus on how cool this set is. They even have a couple fruit trees, a tent for visitors, Able sister’s shop and a bunch more. You can see what I assume is Isabelle’s desk and the accessories you would think to play with. Pretend to water the plants, break the rocks or harvest the trees! Otherwise this would be an awesome addition to any display case for games.

This is an *extremely limited edition* toy. They are making this in a single run so if you want to secure one you’ll need to order soon.

You can check out the listing here. Like I said before the site has ALL KINDS of cool “Animal Crossing” things that would make excellent gifts for people still obsessed with the game.

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