Dunkaroos’ Bringing Back 90s Fashion with New Merchandise!

Dunkaroos is releasing a new merch drop which includes both physical and virtual merch. They’re going to be releasing a digital outfit to buyers who will be able to pose and have the outfit digitally rendered onto them. Weird! But also, kind of cool.

Dunkaroos previously put out NFTs and they’re hitting the digital world once again with this new outfit. It was designed by by H+ Creative and Skeeva and is head-to-toe streetwear styled to look just like something you’d wear in the 90’s.

ABOUT DUNKAROOS DIGITAL OUTFIT: Dunkaroos is hitting the metaverse once again, this time making its debut in the digital fashion arena. If you can’t get enough of the ‘90s, you now have the chance to be one of the select few trendsetters to rep everyone’s go-to ‘90s snack online in an exclusive, ‘90s-inspired digital outfit. 

If digital goods aren’t your bag you’ll also be able to get some physical accessories from the brand. They’re bringing back the fanny pack and will also be releasing some very rad t-shirts and hats.

Digital outfits and merch will be available to purchase on Shop.dunkaroos.com beginning Thursday, September 30 at 12 PM ET.