Fool Your Friends with This One Million Dollar Money Stack Table

Are you looking for the perfect table to do lines of cocaine off of? Well I think I just found it for you. There’s a very interesting table that you can get for much less than a million dollars that looks like a million dollars all stacked up listed on Amazon right now. Now you can live out your dreams of being at the top with this table which from what they say, will give you “wealth motivation.” Which is what we all need in life right? A reminder that monetary things will make you a better person (that was sarcasm by the way).

Decorative Cube Table perfect for home and office providing a functional art piece of furniture and a great source of wealth motivation. Designed & Handmade in USA Material: Wood & Vibrant Damage Resistant Laminated Matt Vinyl with Infinite Edges. Hollow Interio. Dimensions: Perfect Cube 18″ W 18″ H 18″ D ” This order includes 2 free art Wallets


Oh boy! You also get TWO art wallets. Because with all this “wealth motivation” you’ll definitely need two wallets to hold all of your cash. Then again maybe this is a style that I just don’t quite get. For one thing it looks totally cluttered to just have all that cash sitting out. And sure it’s a functional table, but to me it looks tacky. That said it would probably make a fun gag gift but I don’t know about the price tag. You can probably just decoupage a table from Ikea and get the same result.

I also want to point out that this table does not have storage. So that makes it even more useless. Of course if you’re looking for a prop for that mobster movie you’re making, then this thing might have a purpose.

You can pick up your own stack of money on Amazon here.

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