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Ghoulish Garden Halloween Decorations at Target are Spooky and Cute!

Spooky season is in full swing at Target! Most stores have their Halloween sections all set up. Some stores even have parts of their Halloween sections sparse with product, because Halloween lovers have snatched it all up! If you love all things spooky, be on the lookout for these amazing Halloween decorations that are part of Target’s Ghoulish Garden collection.

Wild Gorechid

This vibrant faux orchid is 18 inches tall and stands in an adorable pumpkin planter. In the center of the orchid blooms are the heads of serpentine creatures. It’s the perfect balance of elegant and ghoulish!

Image: Target

Dreadful Daisies

Looking for something with a darker aesthetic? These Dreadful Daisies have you covered! They are 18 inches tall and have all the goth vibes a Halloween lover could want. At the center of the black daisy heads are little skulls that pop against their dark backdrop. 

Image: Target

Biting Blossoms

These faux flowers are the perfect addition to any Halloween tablescape. Target describes these flowers as “creepy praying posies” but they are absolutely adorable. The beautiful flower heads have a set of teeth at their center, allowing them to bite their way into your heart!

Image: Target
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Kiss of Death Cloche

Pucker up and fall in love with this perfect Halloween decoration! Voluptuous lips act as the main attraction of this bouquet. They even have little fangs poking out for extra creepy vibes. At the base of this plant you’ll find a cute scorpion hiding in the stems. 

Image: Target

Animated Halloween Pumpkin

Looking for something with a little more pizzazz?! This animated Halloween decoration is just for you! These man-eating vines sit in a smiling jack-o-lantern and are motion activated. They dance and sing, while demanding candy. Batteries included!

Image: Target

Creepy Plants Garland

Need a little bit of everything? This beautiful felt garland features gorechids, dreadful daisies, and the kiss of death flowers from the Halloween decorations collection. It’s the perfect spooky accent to hang down the banister or across your mantle. 

Image: Target

These are great pieces for anyone looking to add to their collection of Halloween decorations! Cultivate your perfect ghoulish garden!

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