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McDonald’s Under FTC Investigation for Broken Ice Cream Machines

Have you ever gone up to a McDonald’s and wanted an Oreo McFlurry only to be told the machine was broken? Well that happens a lot and because of it the machines are now under a Federal Trade Commission investigation. But hey if you wanted to get your McFlurry goodness I’ve just found a website that will let you know when your McDonald’s machine is broken.

In an article from Consequence of Sound which details the investigation (which is quite interesting btw), they listed a site that will tell you if you can get your precious ice cream snack without worrying if the machine is broken. McBroken keeps track of all McDonald’s ice cream machines and keeps you in the know. So if your kid is really wanting an ice cream treat, you can check before you get in line and then have to cancel the whole order just to go to another McDonald’s. It happens. And it’s always disappointing.

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To elaborate more on the investigation, apparently the maker of the machine, Taylor, put these out knowing they were extremely difficult to maintain. There was another company that came up with something that could track when the machine was going to break down made by Kytch that some McDonald’s were using so that they could keep their machines running.

McDonald’s ordered franchisees to stop using the devices last year because they’re unsanctioned. Kytch fought back by suing Taylor, accusing them of infringing on franchisees’ rights to fix their own machines and stealing intellectual property. Alas, that’s when the FTC stepped in.

Consequence of Sound

There’s a lot of drama in the fast food world! But if you simply want to know where you can get your McFlurry without the complications, check that website!

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