Science of Hobbits Needing Several Meals a Day Has Been Explained

If you’ve ever wondered why Hobbits eat SO MUCH despite being so little, then we’ve found just the video for you. David Goldenberg of Minute Earth explains why Hobbits may need to consume food more often than the average sized humanoid. He goes into many factors, including comparing size and mass to average consumption rates.

What I got from the video is that since Hobbits from “The Lord of the Rings” are smaller, they lose heat and energy much faster. So they need to refuel more often than the typical person.

Hobbits eat four full meals a day along with three snacks. Breakfast at 7 am, Second Breakfast at 9 am, Elevensies (my favorite) 11am, Luncheon at 1pm, Afternoon tea at 3pm, Dinner at 6pm, and Supper at 9 pm.

It’s one of those things that I wish I understood well enough to tell you about. But alas, math has never been my forte. I would probably just massacre what he’s trying to say. So it’s probably better you watch the video for yourself here.

Check out Minute Earth on YouTube for more interesting facts and figures.

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