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Nissin’s FIRE WOK Volcanic Mongolian Beef Ramen May Be Spiciest Ever

If you love hot and spicy foods, you’re going to want to try this out. I love Cup Noodles, but the one thing my husband always tells me when I hand him his is that it needs hot sauce. This will be the perfect challenge for him because he probably won’t need it this time!

Nissin is touting this as the hottest flavor EVER, and I’m excited to try this!

Nissin Foods, the creator of the iconic Cup Noodles and Top Ramen, is launching its newest, HOTTEST flavor to its cult-favorite lineup, Hot & Spicy FIRE WOK Volcanic Mongolian Beef! 

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Available at select Walmart stores nationwide, this fire-inspired creation cranks up the heat with its six out of six ranking on Nissin’s chili pepper heat scale. Which makes this the hottest flavor EVER from the company! It offers a perfectly balanced blend of delicious flavor and intense heat to light your taste buds on fire. Each bowl includes a Fire Sauce packet for precisely spiced noodles in only five microwavable minutes.

Nissin Foods is challenging spicy-food lovers to taste test the fiery creation and share how they handled the heat on social media. For bonus points, devour it in one sitting – and without a beverage distinguish the fire – and feel the flames rise. We dare you! The brave taste testers should tag HotandSpicyFireWok on TikTok or @NissinHotandSpicy on Instagram.

Use #HSFireWokChallenge to officially join the fun.

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