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Should You Be Worried About Your Facebook Likes?

Many people are literally obsessed with the number of likes on their Facebook page, some think that they are related to them being “liked” however it is not always so. Some businesses use likes to see how good things go or how “successful” their product is. They try to implement all sorts of Facebook strategies to hit a certain number of likes. They use Social Media marketing companies that can grow the number of real followers to elevate the likes of their page. Some services even have a free Facebook likes trial to show their effectiveness. But the real question is, is all of this worth it? Does it mean that a Facebook business page with 100,000 likes will be more successful than the one with merely 55,000 likes? Read on to know further!

Change in Facebook Algorithms

Back in the day, Facebook used to display a friend’s “like” activities on the newsfeed. A notification similar to this would pop up on the newsfeed, “X and 12 others recently liked this page”. But how long has it been since you last saw this notification on your newsfeed? I assume, quite a long time, right?

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Also, in the past, people had to like a page in order to comment or like their posts and the liked pages’ posts would automatically appear in their feed. Again, this is not the case in 2021, right?

That’s because Facebook itself isn’t quite concerned about the number of likes on your page. It changed its news feed algorithm so that if a user likes several posts of a certain page habitually, this pattern will be recorded by Facebook’s algorithm. And that user will start seeing more and more posts from that page, regardless of how many likes that page has.

Facebook Likes May not Really Be Representative of a Successful Business

Now it doesn’t entirely mean that your Facebook likes won’t pitch sales at all, however, they are not totally reliant on this figure only. We have all witnessed businesses flourishing with only 85,000 likes on their page, whereas business pages with over 300,000 likes still seem to struggle.

The reason? Facebook likes are not an assurance that a link to your product on your Facebook post will be shown on your follower’s page. Whereas, only 1% of the likes tend to engage with a Facebook page, so you can already tell by the stats how useless it is to overly stress about your Facebook likes.

Which Facebook Metrics to Focus on Instead?

Needless to say, your main focus should be on other metrics of Facebook than merely getting likes on your page. Focusing on such metrics will actually help your page grow and benefit you in the long run.

Increase your posts’ engagement. The only way you can grow your business is by increasing the engagement of your posts. If your content is high-quality and relevant to your audience, your page will be able to grow bigger in a matter of months. Obviously, people are less concerned to like or share a post and comment on it if they are not inspired by it. As your posts’ engagement will go up, your page will automatically start appearing on the newsfeed of the users.Lure Facebook users to your website. Your business can only grow if you are able to lure Facebook users to your website by using a call to action and paid advertisements. Paid advertisement is totally worth it when you want to target a certain demographic for a certain period of time and this goes hand in hand with a call to action. Additionally, promoted content will also get your individual posts increased likes which will organically help your page grow down the road.

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