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This Teacher Made the Most Epic “Naruto” Classroom!

Growing up my classrooms weren’t particularly interesting. Save for that one fourth grade teacher who decorated the whole thing like the rainforest. That one I’ll remember forever. When a teacher can incorporate something students love like animals or in this case anime, kids not only do better. They’re excited to go to school. One teacher shared what their new classroom looks like and honestly I wish I was a kid again. They’ve transformed the classroom into the Hidden Leaf.

Naruto welcomes you as you enter the classroom. He says “It’s going to be a great year, Believe It!” Using his famous catchphrase from the English dub. There is a board that shows the teacher “Hokage” and the advisors which I assume are the upperclassmen or student aides. And then there are the teams.

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In “Naruto” they have four man teams led by a Jonin level ninja. Above the desks you can see characters from the show like Hinata, Asuma, and Shikamaru. I’m not sure about these kids but I would be SO EXCITED to be on team Shikamaru. It also lists each teams responsibilities on the board. Guy sensei is responsible for supplies so I think that means that group hands them out for activities. It’s all very well thought out and this teacher deserves major kudos.

Check out the video shared by Diego Gonzalez below.

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